Labour of Love

Martin Aveling

It is quite rare that I produce an artwork I feel genuinely proud of. As many artists will be only too aware, we often view our own work differently from the consumer. We focus on the "mistakes" and only see room for improvement. Every so often one comes along that gives us a rest from the persistent self-doubt that pervades our minds and pollutes our souls. This crocodile is one of those works. 

The process took roughy 400 hours spanning 9 months. It was the most challenging piece I have ever worked on, but also immensely satisfying. The composition is in fact portrait format with a lot of white space above to help emphasise that the crocodile is low down in the water, stalking. This also provides a space to mirror where the unsuspecting wildebeest are positioned.

Dimensions: 80cm wide by 100cm tall.   
Medium: Pastel Pencils.

Should you wish to hear more about the process you can watch the video below from when I was at the half way stage.

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