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Remember that top you bought last summer? The one you wore once and then banished to Narnia. Well, how about you FEBRUWEAR IT! 

The fashion industry accounts for about 10% of all CO2 emissions. Clothes use a shed load of water to make and the process can pollute the environment with dangerous chemicals and microplastics. The vast majority of products go to waste, with the equivalent of one garbage truck load of clothes burnt or dumped in landfill every single second. On top of everything, with its ties to the cotton industry, its human rights credentials are being called into question now more than ever.

But it’s OK because we all look so good on Instagram.


We should all be more concerned about this.

I know that the problem is not wearing clothes, per se. It's wearing lots of different clothes a lot of the time - Fast fashion.  

Next month, Amy and I are taking part in #februwearit 

I made up this new holiday to take stock and look at our own consumptive habits. Swapping fast fashion for a fashion fast and pausing our purchases for 28 days. During this time we will be focussing entirely on our current wardrobe for inspiration, and educating ourselves on alternative brands that aren't so harmful to the planet.

I am going to take it a step further and wear this same hoodie every day. Admittedly, it's no great departure from normality for me, but I am still going to post a daily photo on social. This will become a digital footprint of my dedication to drawing back on fast fashion, and hopefully go some way to proving that it is possible to enjoy life without quite so many wardrobe changes.

Plus it’s content, innit!

Jack is going to do the same, favouring his fabulous red fleece. By all means feel free to join us. Use the hashtag #februwearit and show some love for your poor old clothes. 

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