David Shepherd Art of Survival Award WINNER 2021


Guardian Angel

Martin Aveling

Drawing of a baby rhino with wings of an insect or fairy

I'm preparing to make 4 prints of this drawing, 'Guardian Angel'. They are for 4 of my patrons who have now contributed $200 or more to my wildlife artivism. That is wonderful support, thank you!

Patronage is a great way to persuade your favourite creators to do things for free. It may not necessarily be art, but things like volunteering for wildlife charities, promoting sustainable living and encouraging creativity in young people. All things I enjoy doing anyway, but it is even better when some of the time is covered!

This particular print is only available to patrons who have reached this milestone, by way of thanks for their loyalty and trust that I am doing my very best for wildlife. You cannot buy it anywhere else.

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